Aerial Services

Expertise that moves your project forward while elevating it to new heights.

STRUCTR Advisors provides a comprehensive suite of technological offerings to take your capital investment from blueprint into the 21st century digital age. Our team offers solutions that maximize your project’s potential – driving efficiency into budget management and thorough analysis into decision-making.

Aerial Imaging

View your project from a unique perspective not possible with traditional imaging techniques.

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Project Documentation

Protect your investment with detailed visual project documentation that provides exponentially more data points than alternative methods.

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Earthwork Volumetric Calculations

Take the guesswork out of the equation with a volumetric evaluation of your site’s earthwork.

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Remote Inspection

Buildings and structures no longer require hours-long, hands-on inspections.

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Featured Insight

Creating Safer Jobs Sites with Drone Technology

One of the biggest improvements with the implementation of drone technology is the added safety to what used to be dangerous and tedious tasks.

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