From blue-sky thinking to defining possibilities, we help guide and protect owners’ capital investments.

Our experienced team serves as a single resource for all questions related to the built environment. From what is possible to what is probable, we deliver clarity and a solid direction for your capital investments ­­— all with a keen eye on maximizing profitability. Individuals, corporations, and committees rely on our deep research, advanced data mining, and detailed analyses to manage and deliver successful outcomes.

Facility Assessment

STRUCTR Advisors supports you throughout the due diligence process. Using the latest technology, we create state-of-the-art surveys to help you make informed decisions about a property or land parcel with absolute certainty and the utmost reliability.

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Project Review & Guidance

Projects are driven by designs, plans, and specifications. We use an experienced builder’s lens to review and guide your project at any step in the process with turning your vision into physical reality as our main goal.

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Master Planning

Master planning is, in essence, creating a small world and can be daunting in scale and detail. We assist with visioning, site reviews, campus planning, and life-cycle analyses to promote total alignment of site, facility function, and finances.

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Project Management

STRUCTR Advisors serves as your resource for delivering upon overall project requirements.

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Featured Insight

Conceptual Estimating

Conceptual estimates help envision the project and provide cost perspective for preliminary construction budgets and feasibility decisions before formal design begins.

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