Facility Assessment

STRUCTR Advisors supports you throughout the due diligence process. Using the latest technology, we create state-of-the-art surveys to help you make informed decisions about a property or land parcel with absolute certainty and the utmost reliability.

due diligence for asset purchase or sale

Whether purchasing or divesting an asset, the process requires thoughtful analysis and a clear understanding of your goals. STRUCTR Advisors can guide you through the process, freeing valuable time and resources for your ongoing operations. Rigorous testing against all of your criteria helps you arrive at the optimal plan of action with confidence.

condition assessment for CAPEX planning

Make solid financial decisions with an unbiased assessment of how your capital investment will perform over time. For both land and buildings, our tools include pro forma preparation, risk analysis, capital budgeting review, and financial analysis. Leverage our team for a full engagement with financing and funding sources or choose a fractional arrangement that focuses on what you need most.

building decommissioning

When your existing building requires decommissioning, our team of advisors can help you navigate this complex process. We start by defining your desired end state for the facility and then develop a decommissioning plan that accomplishes your goals efficiently and safely.