Planning and Assessment

From project goal setting to certification constructability review, we’ll ensure your building is structured to meet your sustainability goals from the start.

Project Goal Setting / Charrette Facilitation

By serving as the charrette facilitator, STRUCTR stays an independent third-party who brings together key stakeholders to prioritize sustainability goals for the project. After the charrette, we develop initial action plans to achieve the sustainability goals set during the session. The results are then used to guide the project team in incorporating the sustainability goals into the project. Additionally, the plans effectively communicate the project’s sustainability goals in solicitation documents and marketing material.

certification constructability review

To reduce the uncertainty of pursuing sustainable building certification, STRUCTR provides a review of specifications and drawings at the completion of major design phases. The results of the investigation highlight gaps in sustainable features shown on the sustainable building certification plan and the design documents. This exercise includes reviewing design documents for definite language of sustainability requirements for subcontractors, so they are aware of project goals and their responsibilities.


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