Post Occupancy Monitoring

For operating facilities and buildings we offer support that keeps your sustainable practices in action. Whether your need is for performance monitoring and reporting, conducting post occupancy evaluations, or community engagement our team is equipped to help you achieve your desired results.

facilities operation and maintenance support

Operating and maintaining a sustainable building can be challenging, but having policies and plans in place tailored to your building will ease the transition from construction to operation. In collaboration with the project and facilities teams,  STRUCTR develops policies that outline specific procedures for sustainable operation and maintenance, including green cleaning, sustainable purchasing, and waste management.

post occupancy evaluations

Our team develops and distributes Post Occupancy Assessments to building occupants to provide feedback to the operations staff on projects, maintenance, and gaps between the design goals and normal operations. As a third party, occupants feel more comfortable giving honest, unbiased feedback. Based on the results, STRUCTR can provide guidelines to resolve any issues identified in the assessment.

performance monitoring and reporting assistance

As many certification programs require it and it being a useful tool for owner curated programs as well, we assist with regular performance monitoring and reporting. We supply the appropriate level of support to meet your needs – from on-site facilities training in the first month of occupancy to executing the data transfer in-house. This helps to develop an understanding of the importance of tracking your buildings consumption, not only for environmental reasons, but for conserving capital as well.

community engagement

STRUCTR offers to assist in engaging the community wherever support is needed. We can help with developing marketing materials like blogs or social media posts, website features, leasing language, certification announcements and more. Additionally, we offer to assist with organizing tours and presentations for professional organizations, donors, board members, tenants, and students. Our team will also recommend opportunities to integrate the sustainable building features into the classroom, making the project a valuable learning tool.