Construction Coordination

By combining cutting edge technology with industry leading BIM/VDC expertise, our team can drive efficiency and quality into your construction process.

From the start, we reduce cost and schedule impacts that would otherwise occur due to conflicts, delays, and rework in the field. Once construction begins, we implement technologies for remote QA/QC and progress monitoring, providing greater visibility into your jobsite.

BIM Coordination Management

Before your team breaks ground, STRUCTR Advisors develops project-specific BIM requirements and schedules to guide subcontractors through the coordination process while staying ahead of deadlines for procurement and installation. Construction conflicts are resolved early, and systems layouts are optimized for prefabricated installation and facility maintenance. Through this detailed design validation and coordination process, our BIM/VDC technologies and expertise help expedite the schedule, safeguard the budget, and increase quality during construction.

Field Verification and As-Built Documentation

During the construction process, STRUCTR Advisors supports QA/QC and as-built documentation through field verification initiatives and the use of reality-capture technologies such as 360° imaging and augmented reality. These tools help document progress, evaluate production and schedule compliance, and generate virtual tours of the project site. Additionally, this documentation enhances the project turnover package for more effective facility operations and maintenance.

Laser Scanning and Scan to BIM

Using laser scanning technology, we capture highly accurate documentation of existing conditions for detailed coordination with new construction and renovation projects. During construction, we also use laser scanning to support QA/QC in a variety of ways, such as verifying the locations of sleeves, embeds and slab edges, measuring floor flatness and levelness (FF/FL), recording MEP as-built conditions, and many other innovative applications.

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