Design Assist

STRUCTR Advisors supports you early in the construction process — helping identify and resolve issues before design completion.

We provide meaningful insight into coordination and offer constructive solutions to avoid downstream conflicts, ultimately saving time and money, and streamlining the construction administration process.

Constructability Reviews

STRUCTR Advisors provides design constructability reviews to reduce your workload and address coordination issues before work in the field begins. We review design models and drawings early and at key milestones to identify big-picture design conflicts, coordination issues, and constructability concerns, protecting your budget and schedule from the outset.

Document Management and Change Analysis

Our team streamlines document navigation by auditing and organizing your drawings into packages with proper page labels, bookmarks, and hyperlinks. This quality control measure saves your team time and improves overall design document accuracy. STRUCTR Advisors will also provide overlays to easily compare changes to each sheet, creating a visual reference that can expedite project cost estimate updates.

BIM-Enabled Prefabrication and Modular Construction

Model-driven prefabrication is the newest technology for modular design and construction. In addition to enhanced efficiency, quality, and safety on the jobsite, this technology increases revenue opportunities for owners by expediting construction completion and positively impacting your bottom line. Our team provides guidance and resources to assist you with implementing prefabrication and modular design and construction strategies into your project workflow.

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