Visualization and VR/AR

During the project conceptualization phase, we leverage BIM/VDC, virtual reality and augmented reality to provide visualizations that help turn your vision into a reality.

Site Logistics and 4D Simulations

Our team provides 3D models of site conditions necessary for the optimal site logistics approach to your project, as well as 4D model-based sequencing/scheduling simulations. These services expedite the permitting and approvals process, enhance relationships with adjacent property owners, and optimize safety conditions across your site and improving overall project communication.

Virtual Mock-Ups

Our team supports alignment between owner/tenant expectations and design intent/deliverables by providing an immersive, 3D environment to visualize plans prior to the start of construction. The use of virtual reality (VR) allows for endless mock-up options and promotes communication and coordination between team members. The resulting product also serves as a valuable marketing tool for attracting building tenants.

Augmented Reality

STRUCTR Advisors uses augmented reality (AR) to bring our 3D BIM/VDC models into the field. By superimposing a project design onto the actual site conditions, we allow users to review a project in context with its real-world surroundings. There are many applications for AR technology, a few of which include: reviewing project designs or site logistics conditions on the actual jobsite; reviewing tenant improvement or renovation designs within an existing space; verifying as-built construction conditions are aligned with the coordinated BIM models; supporting facility management by enabling operations and maintenance staff to see behind walls/ceilings and interact with equipment information through an AR headset; and providing unique safety and training environments.

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