Firm Overview

STRUCTR stands as the leading regional consultancy firm in the construction and real estate industry. Our team of seasoned experts blends construction proficiency with innovative technology to deliver tangible, high-value client results. With an extensive portfolio spanning complex, prominent projects, we offer a multidisciplinary approach that works to prevent, manage, and resolve construction challenges. By deeply understanding client objectives and obstacles, we craft tailored strategies to achieve optimal outcomes throughout the building life cycle – from planning, to building, and operating.

Our comprehensive knowledge in property acquisition, engineering, development, construction, and asset management positions us as the ideal partner for your projects – helping you navigate complexities and maximize the value of your real estate assets. At STRUCTR, we’re not just advisors; we’re advocates and allies committed to turning your project ideas into reality. We offer strategic thinking to uncover possibilities and transform “WHAT IF” into actionable results.

plan strategically

Every project has unique complexities. STRUCTR’s analytical and innovative approach to consulting uncovers the hidden possibilities behind your project. 

  • Integrate construction-focused thinking in the design phase to forecast expenditures and identify potential obstacles that may impact time or cost 
  • Mitigate risks and assess hazards prior to asset purchase or sale 
  • Maximize the value of your real estate investments with long-term capital tracking 



Build efficiently

The success of a building project depends on a thorough understanding of your needs and the integration of both design and construction perspectives. STRUCTR’s collaborative approach aligns owner, designer, and builder to achieve goals and bring the project vision into reality. 

  • Capture and analyze progress and key milestones throughout the project life cycle 
  • Select the right materials in order to minimize waste and reduce execution costs 
  • Eliminate change orders and costly schedule impacts through strategic project coordination




Supported by advanced technology, STRUCTR conducts assessments and audits to help you understand current conditions and develop a proactive strategy to ensure the ongoing viability of your built environment. 

  • Identify improvement opportunities to maximize your long-term return on investment 
  • Increase operational efficiency and streamline costs of new and existing mechanical systems 
  • Maintain sustainable practices in operating facilities to create long-term, sustainable impact in the community



Markets We Serve

  • Office Environments
  • Industrial
  • Research & Development
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Senior Living
  • Mixed-Use & Multi-Family