Construction Solutions

At STRUCTR, our Construction Solutions experts don’t just provide services, we become an extension of your corporate strategy. Our dedicated team strives to comprehensively grasp your strategic corporate objectives, allowing us to identify and present opportunities, offer strategic advice, and craft action plans that align with both your short- and long-term goals.

Our unique project consulting approach is characterized by its analytical rigor and innovative thinking – making it applicable to projects of all sizes. Regardless of the scale or intricacy of your project, our mission is to empower you to achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every endeavor contributes to your organizations growth and success.

planning solutions

Building Decommissioning – Prepare your building systems to reduce operational costs, reduce hazards, and mitigate risk.

Campus Planning – Develop a vision for programming, fuctionality, and cost.

Constructibility Reviews – Identify design challenges and potential obstacles that may impact your project’s time, cost, and quality.

Design Reviews – Evaluating the design against the parameters for success to verify strategies and identify issues before a project is green-lit.

Due Diligence Studies – Ensures that any issue or potential challenges of your property transaction are identified prior to asset purchase or sale.

Feasibility Assessment – Exploring the complexities of your unique project to determine the practicality for pursuing levels of sustainable certification.

Independent Preconstruction Services – Preconstruction helps ensure that all the decisions maximize the investment. An accurate schedule, an appropriate budget, and a clearly developed plan at the onset of a construction project put you on the path to success.

Master Planning – Chart effective pathways to enhance your capital plans and assets.

Property & Facility Conditions Assessments – Comprehensive assessments of major systems and components at key intervals.

Site Reviews – Categorize details on your sites zoning, topography, and environmental considerations before design.

building solutions

Fractional Construction Management – Managing the project’s schedule, cost, quality, scope, and function throughout construction. STRUCTR represents the interests of the owner and advocates for the success of the project throughout the building process.

operating solutions

Owner’s Representation & Project Monitoring – Investors and developers need an advocate throughout project design and construction, whose oversight ensures your project vision is fully realized.

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