From early thinking to long-term operation, we help you define and implement the green elements that make sense for your project.

STRUCTR Advisors provide comprehensive sustainability solutions by prioritizing what matters to you. We deliver managerial support complimented by our knowledge of a variety of sustainable building rating systems and enhanced by our understanding of your core values. From individual building components to multiple facilities, our skilled team, with over 2.6 million square feet of sustainable building experience, ensures the realization of your sustainable vision while being mindful of the project timeline and available capital.

Planning and Assessment

From project goal setting to certification constructability review, we’ll ensure your building is structured to meet your sustainability goals from the start.

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Certification Support

Rooted in a deep knowledge of the key sustainability rating systems, we understand your goals and help you along the path to certifying your structure.

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Post Occupancy Monitoring

For operating facilities and buildings we offer support that keeps your sustainable practices in action. Whether your need is for performance monitoring and reporting, conducting post occupancy evaluations, or community engagement our team is equipped to help you achieve your desired results.

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Featured Insight

Which rating system is best for you?

At the rate information is shared today, how can one keep up with the green building rating systems in the marketplace? More importantly, as the owner, how do you decide which rating system makes the most sense for your project?

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