From vision to reality, explore the what ifs surrounding your capital investment with advanced technology.

With a technology-forward approach, STRUCTR Advisors leverages virtual reality, laser scanning, and 3D modeling to drive efficiency into the design, construction, and operations processes of your facility build or renovation. Our team brings a suite of advanced visualization tools that can help you communicate the vision for your capital investment while providing solutions that reduce the risk of rework and delays in the field by identifying and resolving constructability issues early in the project.


Construction Coordination

By combining cutting edge technology with industry leading BIM/VDC expertise, our team can drive efficiency and quality into your construction process.

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Design Assist

STRUCTR Advisors supports you early in the construction process — helping identify and resolve issues before design completion.

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Facilities Management

Our 3D modeling helps optimize your capital investment by visualizing the conditions of the completed facility — improving the planning and execution of maintenance, service, and renovation activities.

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Visualization and VR/AR

During the project conceptualization phase, we leverage BIM/VDC, virtual reality and augmented reality to provide visualizations that help turn your vision into a reality.

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BIM Consulting

When technical jargon is a barrier, we serve as your representative – providing you with the information you need to move forward.

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Featured Insight

A Case Study in Alternative Fill Methods— Virginia Commonwealth University’s STEM Building

This past spring, Virginia Commonwealth University broke ground on a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) building. After demolition of an existing structure, the sit was left with a 90-by-170-foot hole that needed to be filled in. Filling in a hole of this size requires the purchase of several tons of material. And when combined with the significant margin of error often associated with volumetric calculations, the process may result in large amounts of wasted material and, ultimately, money. The project team at STEM decided to pursue a more cost-efficient and sustainable alternative.

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