virtual design & construction

STRUCTR’s Virtual Design and Construction team employs cutting-edge technology like Building Information Modeling (BIM), aerial imaging, and laser scanning to revolutionize project management. We excel in virtually tracking projects from inception to completion – optimizing construction process, minimizing resource waste, and rigorously validating installation requirements.

Our comprehensive approach translates to significantly reduced workflow risks, improved project quality, and overall enhanced efficiency. By harnessing the power of innovative tools, we ensure that your projects are completed with precision and align with your sustainability and cost-saving objectives – boosting your competitive edge within the industry.

planning solutions

STRUCTR supports you in the early phase on your construction process – helping identify and resolve issues before design completion. With the use of powerful VDC and BIM technology, we’re able to identify and revolve potential clashes virtually before any fabrication or installation. Our VDC planning services provide owners with powerful data for a project.

  • BIM/VDC Standards & Consulting
  • BIM Coordination & Clash Detection
  • Design & Constructability Reviews
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Mock-Ups
  • Drone Surveys & Preconstruction Inspections
  • 3D Site Logistics Planning & Project Visualization
  • Laser Scanning & Existing Conditions Verification

building solutions

By combining cutting edge technology with industry leading VDC and BIM expertise, our team can drive efficiency and quality into every level of your construction process. We reduce costly impacts that would otherwise occur due to schedule conflicts, delays, and rework in the field. Once construction begins, we implement technologies for a remote quality monitoring process and provide great job site visibility. 

  • Cash Detection & BIM Coordination Management
  • 3D Modeling & 4D Schedule Simulations
  • Aerial Project Images & Videos
  • Aerial Surveys & Remote Inspections
  • Aerial Volumetric Calculations for Earthwork, Excavation & Stockpiles
  • Laser Scanning & Field Verification
  • 3D/360° As-Built Documentation

Operating Solutions

STRUCTR’s holistic, state-of-the-art technology helps optimize your capital investment by visualizing the conditions of your completed facility. We provide substantial cost savings in reducing technical maintenance time, training costs, and energy consumption, and improving the execution of renovation activities throughout the building’s lifetime and for

  • 3D BIM Models for Facility Operations & Management
  • Laser Scanning, BIM Modeling & Virtual Reality Visualizations for Renovations & Expansions
  • Aerial Surveys, Remote Inspections & Thermal Analysis